Quarq Spider/Powermeter 8-Bolt 11-speed 110mm for Dzero DUB -Wattimittari


Quarq Spider on polkupyörän kampiin kiinnitettävä wattimittari.

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Quarq Spider/Powermeter 8-Bolt 11-speed 110mm for Dzero DUB -Wattimittari

Quarqin Spider Powermeter on kampiin kiinnitettävä wattimittari.


  • MagicZero – checks and calibrates your power meter automatically while driving – no manual calibration required
  • Battery — CR2032, 200 hours battery life, change without tools
  • Bluetooth low power technology and ANT+ wireless data transmission
  • Replace OmniCal chainrings without affecting the accuracy
  • Accuracy – within 1.5% when both legs are measured
  • AxCad – no cadence magnet required
  • Firmware updates via the SRAM AXS app
Tekniset tiedot

Compatible Crankset – Must use Quarq DZero DUB crankset and SRAM DUB bottom bracket
Battery – CR2032, 200 hours ride time
Durability – IPX7 waterproof rating
OmniCal – swap chainrings without affecting accuracy
MagicZero – automatic calibration during the ride
Accurate – within +/- 1.5% measuring both legs
Wireless – BLE and ANT+
10K TempComp – compensates for temperature changes during a ride
Firmware – use SRAM AXS mobile app
Compatible Chainrings – most 10-speed and 11-speed 5-bolt models


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